Episode 13: Grief and Motherhood, Coping with Miscarriage, and the Loss of a Bachelor Nation Icon

Jul 6, 2021 | Podcast Episode

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Thrilled to welcome Sarah Fraser to the show today! The host of The Sarah Fraser Show podcast, and a familiar face in DC media, Sarah has made a living in the public eye starring on various TV shows and radio shows interviewing celebrities, reality TV stars and talking about everything hot in the news. Behind the scenes, Sarah is grieving the loss of her father in her teens and recently a miscarriage of her first pregnancy.

Sarah lives her life out loud on her Instagram and on today’s episode shares vulnerable parts of her story on mindful eating, therapy, and her medical journey to her beautiful baby boy, Kimball Jeffrey.

We talk about the hardest parts in grieving a father, and also how motherhood has made grief more challenging.

Episode Highlights:

  • Sarah losing her dad at 14 years old to esophageal cancer
  • The breakthrough in therapy that led her to understand her issues with eating stemmed from processing grief
  • Her journey with mindful eating and living a more healthy life
  • Learning about her miscarriage and molar pregnancy
  • Getting pregnant again with son KJ and the meaning behind his name
  • Sharing the bond of grief with a spouse
  • In the news: Chrissy Tiegan drama and the loss of Chris Harrison on The Bachelor franchise

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There’s no magic pill that can take away the pain of grief
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