Episode 15: Anger in Grief, Luke Bryan Speaks out on Losses, & Sex and the City Reboot

Aug 3, 2021 | Podcast Episode

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Death can leave a messy tangle of emotions for loved ones to figure out. One of the tricky ones– anger. Not having the opportunity to say how you feel or ask questions, and realizing you’ll never get the chance, can perpetuate this feeling. Amanda Rotzal realized just how much anger she was holding on to after the death of both of her parents. In the months since we last spoke with her, she tackled her anger and discovered she was deserving of moving on with a happy life.

Plus, we discuss a SPOILER ALERT for the new Sex and the City reboot and how it will circle around grief.

Episode Highlights:

  • Reactions of Amanda’s friends and family after hearing her on episode 11 of So Sorry For Your Loss
  • A blunt conversation with her husband that made her look at her grief and the anger she held on to
  • Realizing she deserved more and that letting go of anger is okay
  • Country music star Luke Bryan has a documentary that will air on IMBD TV about his life after multiple losses
  • *SPOILER ALERT* Leaked info about the upcoming Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That and how it involves grief
  • Cast mates from Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean handling grief quite differently



All The Skies

There’s no magic pill that can take away the pain of grief
But there are some pretty, little things that can help