Episode 18: Grief Relief, Options for End of Life Care, and RHOA’s NeNe Leakes Loses her Husband

Sep 14, 2021 | Podcast Episode

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After a loved one suffers a long sickness, it’s not uncommon to feel a sense of relief at their passing, as strange as that may seem. Grief relief is real, and today’s guest, Shannon Walter, discusses how she felt after the death of her father.

Shannon, the director of a nursing unit in New York City (where she is interviewing from, so excuse the echo-y audio), also shares the grief felt by her and her team since the beginning of the pandemic. Healthcare workers truly are heroes.

She’s faced with helping families through difficult decisions at the end of life regularly, and gives us ideas for how we can change the way death is approached in hospital systems. We also talk about options families have, how they can ask for assistance, and staggering stats about how money is wasted on unnecessary care.

Episode Highlights:

  • The loss of Shannon’s father and some final words he had for her mother
  • COVID’s impact on healthcare workers
  • The majority of Americans would opt to die at home, but few actually do. How can we change that? Options for end of life care
  • How to ask for guidance with end of life at the hospital
  • Bravo star Nene Leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta posts about her husband’s final days. Gregg Leakes has passed away since the time of this recording.

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