Episode 30: Author Shawn Hitchins on the Queer Perspective of Grief and Losing the Loves of His Life

Dec 22, 2021 | Podcast Episode

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A lifetime of finding the comedy in his love life comes to a shuddering stop when comedian and writer Shawn Hitchins loses two great loves, five months apart, to sudden death. This fall he released a deeply poignant memoir where he explores the messiness of being alive: the longing and desire, scorching-earth anger, raw grief — and the pathway of healing he discovers when he lets his heart remain open.

Shawn is also the author of A Brief History of Oversharing. His one-man show Ginger Nation toured extensively before being filmed in concert. Hitchins is an award-winning entertainer, writer, personality, and creator of live performance. Based in Toronto, Ontario, he is the proud new owner of an American green card and hopes to return to the USA if COVID can only cool its jets.

He helps me explore elements of grief that are important for healing in the LGBTQ+ community.

Episode Highlights:

  • His experience being at the bedside for the death of his ex-husband– a perspective that has made me rethink my own experience
  • Why he thinks therapy ruined his career but also saved his life
  • The equation he’s discovered through hours of reading that can predict how you may grieve the loved ones in your life.
  • Some people thought it was too soon for him to write his book, The Light Streamed Beneath It, available in Kindle, paperback or Audible, but the incredible detail he can provide in each scene proves them wrong
  • Suggestions for the queer community to stop using hetero-normative comparisons and start builing their own house of relationships

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All The Skies

There’s no magic pill that can take away the pain of grief
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