Episode 49: The Unimaginable Grief of Child Loss with Jessica Roomberg

May 6, 2022 | Podcast Episode

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I’m joined by Jessica Roomberg to discuss one of the more challenging conversations around grief– child loss. Jessica and her husband Dan suffered the loss of their 17-month-old daughter Mila Gray Roomberg to a rare manifestation of NF1. After she passed away, they channeled their overwhelming grief and brainstormed a way to honor her brief but magical life. Through the Magical Mila Foundation, they are hoping to change the way blood pressure is monitored in children under the age of three.

Jessica shares how life changed for her and her husband after the death of their daughter and advice they have for other parents going through the same type of grief.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jessica’s very personal experience with child loss
  • How her and her husband differ in their grief and understanding that even experiencing the exact same loss or grief type is different for everyone
  • Moving on versus moving forward
  • Her advice for someone grieving a child
  • Their incredible work through the Magical Mila Foundation
  • How she dealt with loss while working in the media
  • Triggering phrases for someone experiencing loss
  • Things that Jessica found comforting as she navigated loss early on


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