Episode 54: Does Reality TV Keep It ‘Real’ on Death and Grief? with Matt Marr

Jun 21, 2022 | Podcast Episode

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If Oprah and James Cordon had a baby, raised on Dolly Parton’s front porch—it would be today’s guest, Matt Marr. Matt will talk to anyone. He’s the guy in the grocery store that compliments your eye makeup and then two minutes later you’re asking him for dating advice. He is a therapist and holds a Masters of Clinical Psychology, specializing in Narrative Therapy and is also the co-host of the Reality Gays Podcast (ranked by Screenrant as the number one reality podcast everyone should be listening to for 2020). He is a successful commercial actor, improv actor, host, and has performed stand up all over the West Coast.

Matt discusses his personal experience with loss and grief as he shares the story of his beloved father Chelsea, aka Papa Marr. We talk about personalizing funerals to fit the person lost, sitting with anger and why it’s not always fair in life and death, the media’s inaccurate portrayal of birth and death, grief on reality TV, understanding your own grief fingerprint, and a whole lot more! This episode is a fun one that you do not want to miss.

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There’s no magic pill that can take away the pain of grief
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