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My world turned upside down when I lost my father to a heart attack in May of 2017. The unexpected submersion into grief was by far the most difficult time of my life. Common thoughts included: Why are people saying "it never gets better"?! How am I ever supposed to function again? My life is over, right? 

During that time, I understood more of myself, I understood more of the world of grief, and I realized that there is a need for a greater understanding of loss for everyone. *Enter awkward stories of people who had no idea what to do or say around me after his death.* Whether you are suffering from your own loss, or trying to help a friend, loss affects everyone. And it doesn't always have to be so somber! There are some incredible stories of laughter, strength, and inspiration that come out of a person's most vulnerable time of life.

My hope is that through sharing my stories (there are oh-so-many) and those of others (I've met some kick-ass people along the way), we can build a stronger community that is ready to take on anything.

With that, this site and "So Sorry for Your Loss" were born.


Gianna DeMedio



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More About Those I've Lost

You'll hear me talk a lot about the people below. They're gone, but never forgotten. Each had an important impact on my life and their losses ultimately led me on this journey. Hover over each picture to learn more.



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