This is not your average grief group! Humor and laughter encouraged, awkwardness accepted, and a hint of the way grief touches Hollywood to spice things up a bit. Death is a strange topic, but it shouldn’t be. This storytelling podcast about grief and loss, and the intriguing ways you grow from it, takes a look at how the conversation can go much deeper than just the societal band-aid of “so sorry for your loss.”

I share stories of my own grief after losing my dad suddenly at 27 and talk with guests about their encounters with death, grief, and loss.

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Episode 61: SSFYL will BRB

The pod is taking a little hiatus in order to reformat and regroup. I also am in need of a little rest while growing this tiny human! Pregnancy has been tougher than I anticipated this go around and the pod has been a challenge to keep up with. Not to worry, I will be back!


Episode 60: Kristin Cavalleri: Back to Grief Beach

If you’re a millennial, it’s probably no surprise that the new Dear Media podcast, Back to the Beach, hosted by Laguna Beach stars Kristen Cavalleri and Stephen Coletti has shot to number one on the charts. To honor the new show launch, we’re honing in on two topics we love to talk about, pop culture and grief, and telling Kristin Cavalleri’s own story with grief.


Episode 59: Pregnancy After Loss and Messages From Above

Premonition can be both wildly exciting or anxiety inducing depending on what the message is. I’ve certainly felt both feelings over the past several months. On the heels of last week and resharing an episode about signs from loved ones, I’m sharing a couple more personal stories of life recently and the signs and messages that were presented to me. I detail my own journey with pregnancy and loss, how I’ve coped, allowing myself to feel the feels, why I felt angry with my dad, and messages from a medium!


Episode 58: Cancer, the Universe, and a Review of the Book “Signs” with Jessica Hersh

Are you a believer in signs? A butterfly, a coin, a rainbow, or something completely random, that immediately makes you think of your loved one above. In this previously aired episode, Jessica Hersh opens up about her grief journey and lessons she's learned after the death of her mother Sarajane from cancer in 2016. We discuss key points of the book "Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe" by Laura Lynne Jackson. I also share my own story of signs and a few from SSFYL listeners!


Episode 57: Widowed at Age 30, Feeling Lonely, and Seeking Support on Grief

We often talk about how critical it is to have support when it comes to grief yet support and asking for help is still often stigmatized in our society. When Candyce Ossefort-Russell experienced the sudden loss of her husband at the age of 30, she decided to become the therapist that she once needed. As an LPC-S, Candyce offers insights about grief, being a widow, and other painful emotions from a unique blend of personal and professional experience. She has extensively explored psychological, spiritual, and scientific perspectives of suffering and transformation for 30 years and pairs her knowledge with being a writer, trainer, and speaker.





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Thank you for all you do ♥️ I absolutely love your podcast! It’s helped me through the toughest of times after my loss last year. Keep up the amazing work! – Cecelia

My sister introduced me to your podcast this week and you have no idea how much it already has helped me! – Jillian

I wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience with grief. I’m 31 and just lost my Dad to heart failure and I’m only just starting my grief journey, but your words were truly helpful. – Joanna 

I love you for starting this podcast. A lot of people don’t like talking about death or how to grieve. -Meagan 



I’d love to hear from you. Please tell me a little bit about your loss, what you’ve learned from grief, and three things you think listeners could take away from our episode.