Episode 27: Courtney Veale from Bravo’s Below Deck on Coping with a Parent with Alzheimer’s Disease

Nov 30, 2021 | Podcast Episode, Uncategorized

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People tend to understand grief for the loss of a physical being (well, even that can be debatable), but what about when a loved one is losing mental capacity and they are no longer themselves? Grief can set in way before they ever physically leave us. Courtney Veale from Bravo’s Below Deck joins us to talk about grieving someone who is still here.

Courtney’s father suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, a condition in which the brain functioning rapidly declines. People can lose the ability to recognize their own family, hold a career, and even take care of themselves. During the COVID pandemic, deaths associated with Alzheimer’s Disease rose 16 percent.
Her grief played out on national television and messages came pouring in to Courtney from other millennials coping with the same situation in their families.

Episode Highlights:

  • Her family life and why yachting might be in her genes
  • “Alzheimer’s is not just somebody forgetting. It’s a whole other rollercoaster”
  • Why going on Below Deck made her confront her grief
  • How the cast members of Below Deck supported her
  • What you need to know about dealing with a parent with Alzheimer’s
  • Will we see her on another season…?

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