Episode 5: I Saw the Sign- Interview with Jessica Hersh

Dec 10, 2019 | Podcast Episode, Uncategorized

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I met Jessica Hersh when we were 9 years old at Camp Kweebec in Schwenksville, Pa. We reconnected under unfortunate circumstances– when we were 27 years old at a grief support group after each losing a parent. Ironically, I clearly remember her mom, and she remembers my dad.

Jessica has such a great energy about her. She is the person that always spices up the grief group, organized through The Dinner Party. I remember one particular instance where she said “Okay, I know we’re here to talk about serious stuff, but did anyone see the recent episode of the Housewives? Because I am shook about it!” We all burst into laughter. You need that type of light-hearted conversation every once in a while.

I reached out to ask if she would be a guest on a podcast episode I was doing about signs from loved ones in heaven. She not only said yes, but informed me of the book “Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe” by Laura Lynne Jackson.

In this episode of the So Sorry For Your Loss podcast, we discuss the book and the connectivity of the entire universe, our own signs that we’ve received from our parents, and ways we cope with their deaths.


All The Skies

There’s no magic pill that can take away the pain of grief
But there are some pretty, little things that can help