Episode 22: Tips for Surviving Infant Loss and Miscarriage

Oct 26, 2021 | Podcast Episode

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It’s Infant Loss Awareness month and today’s guest has quite a story to tell about her experience with her son Matthew. Grief Coach Jen Morrow gracefully and bravely details the moment a doctor reached across the desk and told her to prepare for miscarriage or stillbirth. A few weeks short of full term, she delivered her son Matthew and held him until he passed away only hours later. She went on to experience another miscarriage and eventually welcomed her rainbow baby girl.

Jen uses her experience to help others and created a guide and academy (links to both below) that help women achieve a healthy and fulfilling life after devastating loss.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jennifer’s story: losing her son Matthew, having a miscarriage, the birth of her baby girl, Sienna
  • Tips for handling common situations after a miscarriage like
  • Social Media
  • Going back to the obstetrician
  • Attending a baby shower
  • And more
  • How life after loss isn’t always destined for failure

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