The Office Visit

By Gianna, Uncategorized

I had wanted to visit my father’s employees for a while. After all, they were doing everything in their power to keep the family business, and its reputation, afloat. Conshohocken is a small town and rumors about what would happen to the properties, the listings, and the building began flowing like the muddy waters of the river that runs through the heart of it.

Tina, a young, beautiful woman with dark skin, soft smile, and confident demeanor as she rocked her leather leggings and pointy pumps, was a complete contrast from Lillian, a staple in the office for over 30 years who resembled your favorite great aunt. They were on opposite ends of the spectrum in appearance, but shared a sweet, calming presence.

Man, my dad must’ve chewed them out some days, I thought. Not even being that sweet could protect you from that man’s temper.

Like many other things during this time of my life, I couldn’t find the energy or emotional stability to visit the office for weeks. I didn’t want to face it.

But one day, without any discussion in my head, I picked up the phone and texted Tina saying I wanted to stop by. I threw down the phone on the counter in shock of what my thumbs had just done. How could they betray me like this?! Whatever power trip they were on immediately spread to the rest of my body as I started getting dressed and ready to go.

Like a mother soothing her child before the first day of school, my brain worked hard to assure me I was fine and ready for this. It would not let me go to the dark corners that it so desperately wanted to go.

With two flower bouquets in hand, I set out for Conshohocken. To Fayette Street. To DeMedio Keystone Realty. With No DeMedio inside.

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