Episode 16: Text Messages from My Dead Parent and Grief in HBO’s The White Lotus

Aug 18, 2021 | Podcast Episode

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Imagine my surprise when I saw a text from my dad (who’s been dead for four years) on my phone last week. Yeah.

So maybe he didn’t text me himself, but it sure felt like it. And I’m glad it happened! It’s a piece of him and our relationship together– our inside jokes, and lots of “I Love Yous.” I wanted to make sure I didn’t let them get away again so I did a little problem solving and found out how to save them for good and am sharing it with you so you can do the same!

Episode Highlights:

  • A crazy story of how my dad’s text messages reappeared on my phone after more than four years
  • How to save text messages to your computer
  • How to save text messages to your phone
  • Actress Jennifer Coolidge relates to her character in HBO’s new crime comedy, The White Lotus
  • Robin Williams’ son commemorates seven years since the actor’s death

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